Complete solution for sustainable events

We are a full-service partner for your events. We can cover the whole planning and implementation of ​​sustainability and waste management. Our complete solution consists of the following services (or a selection of them):
  • Creating an overall vision and strategy for sustainable events.
  • Planning waste reduction and implementing circular economy principles.
  • Finding partners and coordinating work with them.
  • Planning and implementing (if needed) communication activities related to environment and sustainability.
  • Carrying out environmental activities and supervision during events.
  • Training and coordinating volunteers.
  • Creating follow-up analysis and reports.


Every event is different and unique. Depending on the complexity of the event and the scope of the recommended solutions, the price of the service is always formed in cooperation with the client. It all depends on the size of the event, venue, duration, etc.

Our first consultation is always for free. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s meet and discuss how we can best help you based on the specifics of your event and your wishes!

How we can help:



Practical organising at the event venue

Coordinating volunteers / team